Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Awesome

I don't often pimp out things but Nico Marlet is one of my most favorite artists who is still among the living. I love him as much as I hate Zawi Hawass. That being said I collect any and all "Art of..." books with his concept work in it. Most notably being the How to Train Your Dragon Artbook! But there is also this book.

 I have a copy of it myself and admittedly I do own many many artist sketchbooks but this one is incredibly nicely printed. I was completely impressed when it arrived. It's small in size but just crammed full of artwork like this. Amazing!

You can get it here through Gallery Nucleus. $24.95 for the book which is totally worth it I think but the shipping is a whore. :T Another thing to note is you can't go wrong with The Art of How to Train Your Dragon or The Art of Kung-Fu Panda. Seriously. Love them all.

Yes this post was entirely to gloat. :| Sorry....

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm always behind...

Have you seen this yet? It has to be the most enjoyable thing I've watched all day!
(Tonight the most enjoyable thing is Merlin) <3

Monday, April 19, 2010

Olympic Follow Up

So here's the finished artworks that will be winging their way to Miss Zoe Sorenson who sent me a ton of awesome Olympic swag. I put in a view of the one of a kind stamp (that's what the 1 means) that is on the back. The Lion is 6" square and the other 2 are artist trading card sized.

Octopus, peacocks, and lions oh my! As always, the scanning ruins the look of all my glitz and glitter... :( God how I love glitter..... I used Marker, colored pencil, and GLITTER!! The white pen I use... Jeeze I love it so much!!! It's an Inkssentials white pen found in all Michael's stamp areas.

Stupidity and You

I think I'm going to do something stupid and start a stamp collector thing... Does anyone but me think that's a fun idea? You know like in the old days you'd go to the theater and they'd give you a stamp (like a postage stamp) and you'd collect em into books and so many was worth a gravy boat or a chafing dish or something retarded like that...

But with my stupidity and conciet you'd collect them for artworks, comics, crafts (painted wood dolls, plushes, bookmarkers and so on), etc.?

I just dunno how to set up the earning portion of it all... Hmmmm... Blame it all on my family and the stamp I made to stick onto my original works...

Pardon the junky iPod sketch...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shock and Abject Horror

So... I found out why my local (hour away) Pearl Art Supply store was having such a huge awesome sale a while ago... THEY'RE CLOSED NOW!!!


Just where the hell am I supposed to buy art supplies now?? AOE? Jeeze why doesn't someone just slap me in the face instead? If I have to count on just AOE and Michael's for supplies I don't know what I'm gonna do... Who can afford the shipping on this stuff?? I can barely afford my stuff!!! Seriously! Now how am I going to find silk screening supplies??


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I hope these Cookies Tide you Over

Art will be uploaded as soon as I have time to finish some!! D: Who knew being an art professor was so time consuming? Plus I have payback to deliver - OLYMPIC PAYBACK. Cuz see on DA I put up a random journal to trade art for Olympic swag. WOW - the swag I got from the effervescent Zoe! I got a coke that lights up like .... well like the Olympics! And loads of other stuff too. So I'm doing her 3 arts:
And of course something cool as well... To be shown when done. The epic wonderland undertaking of Unbirthday gifts for my friend Kristen continues!

...I'm also working on some tiny tiny wood dolls of constables. Oh come on... You know I can't go long without them!!! <3