Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My Mom, circa her childhood. She's in her Arabian girl Halloween costume. Striking how much she looks like the T-word that I will not bandy about here in text but will think loudly at you to say, what does she look like to you? A Nebraska T-word. Hells yes. My mom can take you all out - that is how pure awesome she is. I love her and I learned everything from her like she was Sarah Connor. So...


Mocking Collin.

Stop living in a fake room Collin. :D Marvel at my ARTpartment!!!!!

I had actually taken these to show my mom the new art added to my walls. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not a Sketch Post... Again

Instead it's a frilled kitty!!! This is Tibet in her fun collar to keep her from ripping out her stitches after being "fixed." She gets around in it really good though so don't pity her too much.

Vicious Frilled Kitty Attack!!!