Friday, July 30, 2010

Infographics are so Informative!

I love things like... Perspective. And information.
Repeat the above like a million times. I would love some of that in the news media.... In any media.... I mean my god does anyone else feel a bit like we are living in the second coming or Hearst and Pulitzer with yellow journalism everywhere? The only halfway decent research I see in media is in ENTERTAINMENT NEWS??? Come on... :( Anyway... The title ought to link to where I got this handy infographic from. IF THIS IS ALL LIES... Well put me up for a Pulitzer. :| And I will thank/blame the BP, the republican party, the democratic party, and the WWE.

BTW new season of Psych is as wonderful as Warehouse 13.
Say what!


I know I know... But you scroll down and look at that crown and you will understand why I got behind on this stuff AND why some of them are crappy... Well some are crappy just cuz... I am not a morning person. :|

All of these, my own ip! Midnight studd and then a bunch of Security stuff.... I had forgotten how to draw everyone but Agatha, Lan, and Moth.... :( Sorry Mu.... Enjoy battling that random octopus....

Urgh.... These two suck... I will weep.... And do better....

Also the phrase "baby bump" makes me vomit in my mouth. :|

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fonts Matter to Me

So most people probably just want a nice clean "comicbooky" font when they do comics. OK. I do want nice and clean but... I want a font that seems to suit what is going on. Why? Hell if I know. If I don't make everything ridiculously hard on myself I'm apparently not happy at all. So... These make me happy. Lame....
I've also hurt the hell out of my ankle/foot. WTF. WTF Karma???

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

King Me! Errr... Queen.... Something...

I finally finished my epic Wonderland Project for Kristen. I'm never giving a monthly present thing again. Never! It sort of just... Anyway. This is the very first tiny crown I have ever made. I know the tiny tophats are all in fashion but.... Crowns are cool. Next I will try and make a tiny head-present like in Tinier Me and a tiny birdcage if... I can get over my fear of my sodering iron. IT BURNS!!!!

So... This crown is not made of metal (terror) but paper. I have secret ways of shaping cardboard and next time I will use those skills on the bent arms BEFORE I spraypaint it.... Isn't the silver nice? It's not that glaring I'M EFFING SILVER silver but brushed nickel... I dunno I like it. I was also really attracted to the graphite metallic and some really bizarre color that.... wouldn't've worked at all but I still wanted it!!! I was lucky that Kristen likes color ranges like I do - blues and dark colors. Lucky! typing decorative boys is bs hard. I feel horrible for florists who have to do it all the time. The gems are those handy swavorski crystals. Thank god for coupons but even then this was a costly enterprise!! :T Not to mention how many times I burnt the living shit out of myself on the hot glue.

My fingers still hurt. :(

I also sent her a nice stamp carved on some of the precious precious Hankeshikun which is indeed as marvelous as everyone says. Sure held up to the tiny kanji unlike the blasted SpeedyCarve!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sketch A Day

His Most Favorite couples because.......... I like it. Fraggles and the most awesome Dr. Teeth. It's muppet time! *dance*

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sketch A Day

Ho Ho Ha Ha... I got them scanned in. Sorry for the repeat! :| Ok not that sorry. <3

I just started reading Shitsurakuen. I have to say, for a story about some bizarre ass school where boys get to abuse girls and use them to fight in a real world virtual game (only in comics!), the school is full of some real psychopaths and who would send their daughter there?? WHO?? I mean damn!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sketch A Day

You know how it is... You keep up on paper but that while scanning thing... Yeesh what a pain.... <3
I apologise for some crappy days in there. I seriously do these when I get up. 8|

Thursday, July 8, 2010


OS4 for my ipod destroyed all my notes and research and carefully kept scenes for my comics.... They're gone and I'm regathering the various scraps of paper things were jotted on before I got the ipod and what little I can remember.

I mean come on I write stuff down because I can't remember everything as fresh as two seconds ago. :(

Cursed technology... Don't be so useful if you plan to crap out on me!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I love the surreal ocean world

Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Sketch A Day

So I bought myself this little book.

 Day one, I drew the first thing that came to mind. Especially since it was the first thing I did that morning. But during the day I thought I would rather put in things I don't commonly do... Fanart! So... Enjoy some Fanart. I'll post up a scan of the two page spreads as I get them done.

BTW - I *LOVE* D.Gray-man. Seriously. Love that Allen Walker!!
Also the Bobby is asking the dog to let him see his license.
Forgive all errors, I totally draw these first thing when I wake up.