Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Today I did a bad thing. Yes. I did. Y'see... Remember when I mentioned those pop up accordion post-its that I hated? That they were driving me crazy? My officemate happened to have regular post-its. He went to lunch. Now I have regular post-its.

I don't think this really makes me a bad person though.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ramble Ramble Ramble...

So I have been sick as a cat lately. Finally have a semblance of a handle on it though thank god. But during the worst of it I was trapped in a meeting and this was the only sort of "notes" I took. See the germs leaping off me? I was so sick even THEY didn't want to be around. *sigh*

*Random* Whenever I take a "what house at Hogwarts would you sort into" quiz I always end up in Ravenclaw. If I take it as Tetin he is in Gryffindor. He thinks that is quite funny and special. He is special. I'm smart enough to know Ravenclaw rocks!!!!

Thanksgiving Treat! Well Sorta... This was drawn back around summer. When we were all excited about summer. You find it is really hard to get thrilled about it getting hotter when it means nothing more than a change in temperature. Workin the ceaseless 9-9 sucks donkeyballs. It also still sucks that El Tigre was cancelled. I will never get over it. Never. Also I am going to start calling people "tart" more.

More Random Comics

Nothing seems to go anywhere anymore. I wonder why I try. More random comic pages out of a small sketchbook bought to comick in. *sigh* I wonder if it is possible to have just given up by the time you reach the halfway point of your life. Dangit!!!! All I need is time and drive. Why don't I have either??

Stuff and Nonsense

Lots of tiny crap. I do so love drawing on post-its but I hate these ones I have now that are supposed to be in a pop up dispenser... I don't have a pop up dispenser... so you begin to understand my pain. I think Molly is the only person who bothers to come here and look around. Not like I have made it oh so public I am posing up a sketchblog but there you go. Story of my life.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

M : The Forever Comic

God.... I have had this comic in this state for YEARS now.... How pathetic is that?? I would love to finish it up but I just... haven't.... LAME!!! I AM SO LAME!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I wish I had More TIME

My god... I wish I had more time... And that I had paid attention to my font better in previous posts!!! I would really like to be working on this comic I am doing flat out in a sketchbook. I am enjoying the style and look I chose and I was even loving the inking!! WHY IS WORK KILLING ME???!!!! YARRR!!!

It's called Security.

I even love all my character designs... *sigh...*

Method to my Madness

I like to thumbnail as I write stories... I know... Silly way to work but I prefer it... Plus I write all my dialogue on the fly, sometimes reciting it outloud. God I feel so retarded.... Pages always begin like this but with a ton of dialogue scrawled around it.

Then I scan in the pages and print them out in a very faint cyan to draw over in detail... Then ink... laboriously....

Lots of junk

Scott C

Oh how I love those comics....



Hahaha I love finding comics I don't even remember drawing....

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Motto

gogirl, originally uploaded by piratetrish.

Work is crap! All you can do is GO! GOGOGOGO!!