Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh Professor Layton

Not only do I love you Professor, but so does my mom. Ok... So the dude in this commercial is apparently not Jim Parsons (who, clearly, I adore almost as much as Tim Gunn) but it totally is not....

But it really looks like him.... Which would have made it acceptable to me for it being live action. :( But... Yanno..... This does remind me of a puzzle! ;D

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sorry to say that I've slacked off a bit what with wisdom teeth, a near miss job, and of course the resume of teaching and helping mom paint the house. The good news is next year I get to go to ComicCon and HHN is so gonna rock this year!! THE YEAR OF FEAR BABY! XX! The night me and Kristen are going even SciFi's Ghost Hunters will be there. Also, viva the Florida Resident Discount!!! <3

Other news.... Working on an art project with Kristen and also on Midnight, trying to get some of it scripted/plotted.... Also trying to finish pencilling out Abracadabra Book 1. Well the first story to go in the book anyway.

Anyway some silence while I work on things for classes. I swear I'll at least get the daily drawings up.... Once I catch up. :(

BTW- Who else loves the Daily Dropcap?<3