Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Process

October in process.... Only very slightly started here on step 3 (step 1 was the original rough, step 2 was enlarging it onto the illo board) and this step 3 is doing all the value shading.

Step 4 is going to be scary... I'll have a photo for it. Damnit why am I doing all my old techniques??? I'm so scared.... D8

More pen and pencil

I'm still really enjoying playing with the look of Nancy Drew covers. They are so bizarre and fun.

Lots of fun with this one. What an improbable place!!

Nancy on every cover looks sort of stunned or determined yet stunned. Nony just looks like someone asked her to lend them money.

Clearly my own invention. Nony's not too scared of snakes but I gave her my arachnophobia. I love the old film noir lighting that goes across the eyes and I wanted to play with light as a shape over the shadow as a shape that was used so well in films like Nosferatu.

I love Nosferatu. That silent movie is creepy as shit.