Friday, May 30, 2008

Fisticuff: Duck Tales

What I wanted to do with this is... I dunno. I got more of the old time-y illustration look I wanted thanks to the brush I made back working on El Tigre DS. The BG is from the show filtered all to hell and worked over. Launchpad looks weird. I wish this was Darkwing. He was so much awesomer. I dunno why I went with these weird egg shapes. This whole thing seems so un-me but me. I dunno. I like their skinny legs. Me and the pen tool in photoshop are enjoying dating each other and making out constantly. Loads of fun to make something cleaner than I could by hand. Damn twitchy nerves. :| Damn John Lowe pointing it out. *Sigh* Not excited at all about A-kon anymore. Most retarded bullshit ever.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fisticuff: The Shadow!

The Shadow!! I know he looks way different than his uber cool self this way but I enjoyed making this because my brother Bill is a massive Shadow fanboy. So I pushed extra effort into this because I want to print it up nice for him.
I've gone ultra cartoony at ties thanks to working on the El Tigre DS game. I think that really brought me around to the love of just shapes and an ability to let go of my need for obsessive detal. I feel like an old school vampire and their counting only mine was all about detail. I have to have this pattern and this and the hands would be so and a indent for the knuckles and so on... I am free! I really love it too, it's so much fun.
I retraced and remade the shadow logo from an old pulp novel. I hope my brother likes it!!


Can you tell I am excited? <3

Paid the money and got their innards printed so I need to get all the covrs printed up!! I think I will lighten te inside a little, lots of brightness. 5 bright bright colors like candy yay!

28 pages! fun fun fun!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Life is too expensive... Especially when you are on the sketch-crack. I bought more sketchbooks. Yes. I have to stop. Why can't I stop... Admitting you have a problem never solves it because it doesn't stop you wanting it. Wanting more sketches... It's a sad addiction. As bad as comics... Worse than heroine.

Also I am in love with the vulcanologist on the Discovery channel spot....

So much I did fanart.... :T

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ken Riley on Color

"We all possess both intuitive and educated color senses. These work together to create a personal use and response to color composition. The play of one color against another can also carry the eye throughout the composition and thereby create movement."

I find color theory absolutely fascinating but... I am stank horrible at it really. So I find this idea that I have an intuitive one and a learned one absolutely startling. Everything I do is bright, bright like candy except when it's not. There is no real method to my madness. No choices. I just start out and do what feels right, what looks good. And that's why my stuff looks like crap I guess.