Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm pretty positive I spell that wrong but I don't care. It's more like Vikings then and I like to think it's as awesome as the Norse people at stopping my face pain. Hi, my name is Trish and at age 35 my wisdomteeth that came in perfectly and were my pride and joy since age 17 TURNED ON ME and despite flossing and brushing and mouthwash got a case of the rot so yesterday morning I had them removed from my being and placed myself in a land of Jesus my face hurts and what do you mean I can't enjoy pizza for dinner but you can goddamnit!

Life is tough all over. In z case of serendipity, my friend Cheryl all the way in Texas went in on the same day for the same thing. Nutty! Then I had to call my cc company cuz they were afraid the charge for my teeth was fraudulent and the kind American lady told me she was going in tomorrow fir hers! What is this an outbreak???

Mind your teeth y'all, and remember to floss properly or the next cleaning you get will leave you looking like you lost a fight!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yarrr Stamps!

So... Apologies are in order. The only stamp designed by me is of course the constable. Totoros all come from some Totoro stamp set I can't afford so I pirated it. The bug, flower and button come from various stamp selling sites who never mention who made them anyway but I can't afford a $10 stamp man. I can't. The shark is courtesy of Lexuswolf. Now... Courtesy of don't mean I asked... I just took. I stole. I pirated. But these aren't for sale, I just liked the shark man! Shark Week!!! :( Ditto for Workparty's Toothless. But... What can I say? I wasn't at AX, if I had been I would have straight up bought it. I'm not though so I just pirated my own.

As an aside, the Japanese stamp carving material is so much better than my Speedball SpeedyCarve. I can't even tell you! Also, The more I carved Totoro the more creepy he started becoming to me. His smile started becoming more and more psycho as I went.... It's because he's all 8D !! D:

Mea Culpa. <-probably spelled wrong.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Lots of Me stuff. Not all... good but... ONCE A DAY!

blah blah blah Mr. Murder's legs are way too skinny :(

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Such is Life

A new stamp! Made with the DEEEEELICIOUS Hankeshikun that Kristen had sent to me. <3 Love it!! <3