Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sketches and an EXPERIMENT

My Security characters. Well the main trio anyways. Agatha, Lan, and Mu. Mu looks cranky as usual and that always makes me happy. Lan I am still striving for consistency with. For some reason he is really hard for me to capture every time. His sort of shell-shocked look.
Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. How I drew them here I keep thinking... They could date... They could so totally date... Maybe I will do a storybook about it.
Oh Algernon. I so totally experimented on your gangly ass. What I tried was I markered him up in grey tones and then went back over him with my colored markers (which I have very few of). It was not a total disaster! But it also was not the look I wanted necessarilly. So.. SIGH... I'll try again but at least this didn't turn out bad. I will say tho that that Deco Peach is like way more intense than it was when I bought it. And... I hate markering on Bristol Board. It is god awful. GOD AWFUL!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's a human skull on the ground

The turnaround I gave Lori. I think it will be good because his arms are down? Seems like that is a good thing from what I have heard....

Her Royal Painness

The Princess Cecily. She's horribly forward and knows what she wants. Pity she's too tall and Algernon won't have a thing to do with her.

Foe Alchemists

Gyptia is my favorite. :| Briala is not pictured cuz her redesign is taking me time...

Algernon expressions

Still like his redesign. He's sassy with his guitar pic shaped head!

Monday, November 17, 2008

100 Question Thingy

01. What is your pen name?
Uh… I guess Pirate Trish

02. What made you choose this name?
I’m a pirate?

03. Do you use PC or Mac?
PC. Used macs… really don’t care one way or another.

04. What programs do you use most often?
photoshop and… painter sometimes

05. Do you use mouse, or tablet?
both depending on what I am up to. Tablets are crap for pentool and lasso.

06. What color or color combinations do you find yourself using most often?
anything eyebleeding. I really have the worst sense of color…

07. What part of a picture do you put most effort into?
usually pose… even if they are just standing there… I have trouble making anything look convincingly just standing around.

08. How long does it take you do draw a picture?
sometimes forever… sometimes less long.

09. Do you keep your rough drafts?
yes I do…

10. What font do you use most often?.
oh anything by Nate Piekos. Is it sad to fangirl a font craftsman? But dang he makes some sexy fonts!

11. When you scan your image, what DPI do you use?

12. Do you do anything else when you're drawing?
there are always a hundred things going… tv or music or food… drink!!! BOOZE!!!

13. Approximately how many pictures do you draw in a month?
god hell if I keep count… I’d get depressed if it was like five… plus it depends on your definition of a picture. By some definitions I have never drawn a picture in my life.

14. What kind of paper do you draw your pictures on?.
Whatever is in my sketchbooks. <3>

15. What kind of paper do you use for rough sketches and drafts?
um wouldn’t this be the same thing?

16. How long does it take you to ink something?
depends. Am I in love with the pencils? Forever.. Because I feel like I am slowly killing my artwork. If I have really loose pencils not that long, I just get in there and work it out and erase the horror beneath.

17. Do you do comics, or fan comics?
yes I do comics.

18. Do you like comics? Are they fun to make?
I love comics.

19. Have you ever submitted anything to a magazine?
yes I have.

21. Who are your favorite artists?
Mucha, Scott C., Aurelie Blard-Quintard, Guy Burwell, David Gilson, Jeffrey Jones, Kevin Dart, Mike Mignola, Mindy Lee, Man Arenas, Pierre Alary, my god the list could go on forever… Seriously. Forever.

22. Do you like anime/manga? If so, what are your favorite series?

Yes I do. Lesse… I’ll name a few… Robotech still, Ouran for the hahas, King of Thorns, Slayers, Escaflowne, D. Grayman, 07 Ghost, Eyeshield, Dear Mine, blah blah blah forever…

23. Do you like cartoons/comics? If so, what are your favorite series?
Ok, cartoons/comics. Bad on you. I used to love cartoons now I keep it to Flapjack and feature animation. Comics hell… I like Fables, a lot of indie stuff… I miss being able to lay my hands on the really weird self-published stuff.

24. Any artists that you wish you could draw like?
Mike Mignola, Yuji Iwahara, or Nobuteru Yuki… James Jean!

25. Do you read a lot of books?

Yes I do. A LOT.

26. Did you ever buy a book to inspire or teach you to draw?
Yes. And I still do. I love seeing people’s sketches – usually more than their finished works!!

27. Any video games you enjoy?
Patapon, Odin Sphere, Rival Schools, space invaders, zaxxon <3, samurai showdown, gals fighter, monkey island series… god… so many! Zorks! On and on and on….

28. Any favorite characters from video games?
Guybrush, clearly. Shouma, Gwendolyn, the patapons <3>

29. Do you have a favorite writer?
I have FOUR! Douglas Adams (forever), Tim Dorsey, Mercedes Lackey, D. M. Cornish.

30. Any books you really enjoy?
Hitchhikers clearly but amazingly it is edged out by Dirk Gentley’s Holistic Detective Agency. Triggerfish Twist, Magic’s Price, Serpent’s Shadow, Wizard of London, and Lamplighter… OMG Lamplighter… book 3… please hurry!!!

31. Do you draw fanart?
Not as often as you would think only because yanno… whatever.

32. Do you listen to music while you draw?

33. Any recommended songs?
Anything techno. Well ok maybe that is only good for me. And 80’s. Bless the 80’s!

34. Any other art websites that you really enjoy?
Yeesh… millions of blogs. Baka Manga Updates for the free fix. Pspfanboy, dsfanboy

35. Are there any websites that you go to everyday?
deviant art, pspfanboy, dsfanboy, baka manga, and… those blogs.

36. What is your dream website like?
is it my dream website or like one I can go to? Hell if it is for me I guess simple and elegant and nice without the eyebleeding colors I favor so people will want to come… Haha! As if anyone comes here!! And it would be easy to update with like just feeling like I want to update it and it would.

37. Do you like your own art?
Yeah I do. Sometimes we break up and have a fight but we always get back together.

38. What do you enjoy watching on television?
Heroes, Stargate : Atlantis, British comedies, Eureka, Flapjack, and my old movies – I love you TCM!!!!

39. Favorite celebrity?
Alton Brown. Hells yes.

40. Favorite color?

41. Favorite food?
Pastas and steaks.

42. Favorite drink?
Bahia – Oh Trader Vic… It is so hard to choose just one of your delicious libations…

43. Do you like to go shopping? If yes, where? And for what?

.Love shopping. Love it. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, AOE Art Supply, Pearl Art… Um obviously art and craft supplies!

44. Can you cook?
No. Which is why I would totally marry a chef. I will ONLY marry a chef.

45. Any devices you use often for email? Any electronic pets?
Devices for email what? Yes I have tamagotchis. Shut up.

46. Are you tech-savvy?
Hell no.

47. Do you want to become a professional artist?
I am… Amazingly…

48. Are there any other jobs you're interested in?

49. Any other hobbies or skills besides drawing?
Sewing! Sculpting! Model making… origami!

50. Do you like to watch movies?
Yes – but not as much as Collin.

51. What's your favorite movie?
Just one?? Shit… Buckaroo Banzai

52. Have you ever entered an art contest?
Yes, and won them!

53. When did you start drawing seriously?
Seriously? Uh… college. Yeah I know. I have drawn my whole life but only SERIOUSLY once I got into college and I had let go of my epic Coast Guard Academy dream. Stupid Stupid Calculus!!

54. Do you use references? If so, for what?
I do use ref. For whatever I need it for – a pose, a hand, a foot, buildings, cars, streets, cities, trees… If it is not coming out of my head I get reference!

55. Are you a subscriber? If so, are you a beta-tester?
This relates to Deviantart where I got this but I am not posting it there – subscriber cuz otherwise my devwatch is impossible.

56. Do you have a lot of net friends?
not anymore.

57. Do you have a lot of friends that also draw?

Yes I do.

58. What time of the day do you usually go online?

59. Do you like to go to chat rooms?
Nope, I only go to leech comics.

60. Do you have your own computer?

61. What would you say to the person that you admire?

Hahaha I met Nobuteru Yuki… And I said… “….!!!” I mindlocked. I am just glad he overheard me saying that the character designs for the Escaflowne movie were superior to the ones for the original series. Cuz they are. They are epic.

62. Does your mind wander when you draw?
Yes. It wanders all the damned time.

63. Have you drawn poorly because you think too much?

64. Do you have any friends who are professional artists?
Yes. Ha!

65. Where do you often hang out?
Hang out? My… house?

66. Are there any popular artists that you don't like much? (no need to name names if you don't want to)
Yes. K

67. Are there any situations in which you really don't like being an Artist?
Yes – when someone wants art and you have NO INTEREST IN MAKING IT FOR THEM… But there is no way to politely say, good god in heaven no.

68. How about situations that make you love it?

Yes! When someone feels like they want to draw because they looked at something of mine. I like spawning!

69. What's the one thing that makes you grateful that the internet exists?
… Free shit.

70. Is there anything out there that makes you wish the internet didn't exist?
It was harder to improve as an artist before it. Like you couldn’t see all these talented bastards out there so you just kept striving in your own little world. Now people can fast-track off the labored backs of others… Makes me sad.

71. What's your first drawing?

.I think it was birds.

72. Any art you did prior to that?

73. Has your style changed a lot since then?
Oh my god yes.

75. Have you experienced artist's block before?

76. If so, how do you usually get out of it?
Just keep drawing crap till it stops being crap.

77. What do you do when you can't get out of it?

Just keep drawing crap. Or have a nap.

78. Any people that have influenced you a lot?

My mom, dad, and brother. They made me the person I am.

79. What made you want to start drawing?
Getting it put on the refrigerator.

81. Has anything ever made you want to quit art all together?
Yes. The vagrancies of anonymity.

82. What do you think about netiquette?
god does that even exist?

83. Have you ever been spammed or trolled?
No, but I have seen it and been annoyed by it.

86. Do you upload high quality versions of your art submissions, or do you prefer to upload a lower quality?
middle of the road.

87. Do you have custom CSS? If so, did you make it yourself?

88. Do you have good vision?
Certainly not.

89. If you can get anyone's autograph, whose would you get?
Mike Mignola, if I could get the asking of it out of my mouth.

91. Do you like to draw on Oekaki BBS?

92. Do you have a job?

93. Did you take art in school? If so, did you do well? Are you still taking it?
Yes I did, and I did very well!

94. Have you taken art lessons outside of a school setting?
I took an oil painting class that taught me nothing.

95. Have you ever drawn something just because it was the cool thing to do -- the hip new fad?
Nope. I want to… But I never can. That whole – everything has to look painted fad… I can’t jump on that.

96. What's your favorite phrase/quote?
“The only difference between a rut and a grave is depth.”

97. Do you present yourself differently online than you do in your real life?
Not really, I still hold my tongue so I can avoid dealing with bullshit unless I feel passionately about the issue.

98. What's your goal now?
To finish a comic damnit.

99. What do you have to say to yourself?
Just work damnit!

100. Lastly, what do you have to say to everyone who read this?
Holy shit someone reads this blog????

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How high's the water papa?

Algernon's in some shit. Sea monster, flesh eating mermaids... Why would a displacement stone take him there??? IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DEADLY OCEAN!!!

Oh what the hell ever

Algernon's new look. Not that his outfit changed at all or anything or his hair really or his general expression of bored superiority but... The way I draw him has changed. I will do some expressions next. Pencil in sketchbook, inked with the sassy and delicious Pilot 2-way that Kristen sent me and then some mauve shadow added to taste. The cat is a transformed princess. Lori said she'd model him if she coudl use him for animation class. 8D I am very excited!!!

Tonight I also framed my absolutely beautiful Rock God Opera postcard set. To keep it an even 8 I even framed the info card that came with them. I think they turned out rather nice and now I don't know if I will haul them in to work to keep up with my beautifying or if I will hang them here. <3 Either way it has to wait till I get some hanging wire for the back!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Crawlin along... Singin a song....

In progress....