Saturday, December 5, 2009


Not a fan of The Fray, but I am a fan of the video.

The FRAY - Heartless from IE HAGY on Vimeo.

BTW - anyone else watching White Collar? Big WTH at the end huh????

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


"Ow pencil! You supposed to be my dog!"
- a student upon stabbing his finger on a freshly sharpened pencil.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fun times!

Done in sketchbook mobile... Total crap I know but I had fun!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Tome

Lots of fonts and junk. Still my wonderful paper textures... I wish I recalled where they came from!

Monday, November 23, 2009


In Abracadabra, Tome is a character who plays an immense part in the storylines. Just... not for a while. And he is a character who is a book. A Grimoire if you will. I wanted to see if I can try and make pages out of him using some of the amazing paperstock images I have... I just wish I knew where I got them so I could credit the awesome people who scanned them. If you know or if it's you please let me know!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Bobbies!

Isn't he just cute? Young Mr. Murder. He always had gnarled up knees and bruises. Awwww. <3

Look experiment. I know how I want to do the people and lines mostly but coloring I dunno... I like the look of  the china marker but I dunno... Not like I have anything but time until I get the whole wordpress thing working... Curtis! Reply to my email! *sob*

Don't you like my new signature? I like my new signature! I am so glad BurningPenguin was telling me to try even harder. Delicious fruits of my labor!!!  I know it is hard to believe but this drawing is actually really small irl. i had to put a dot on their cheeks and nose to rosy them up!! A DOT! It delights me... Night Patrol!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Victorian cops and murderers and such. So cute. I watched an awesome show on Jack the Ripper and the one thing that really stuck with me was how cute the illustrations of the cops in their capes were. So cute....

Please ignore the class doodles and the victorian spaceman...

Mr. Murder's got a crush on Constable Ellis. Awwww... Look out Ellis!!! And look out anyone Ellis talks to.... C___C;;;

This may or may not become a web comic.

probably not.

More Homage to Nancy Drew

Ok so it continues. And it is all still in pen with pencil shading. The Old Clock was one of my favorite covers of all time. Seriously. I loved it. She was out in the swamp workin on a clock making it seem like a serial killer was behind her. It's fantastic.

This is not Nancy Drew.... This is Circus!!! I love circus imagery, and yet...I don't like going to the circus... Unless it's like Cirque...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whenever I get around to it...

There just might be a comic... I am still working on my sumi skills to get the look I want right...


Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Process

October in process.... Only very slightly started here on step 3 (step 1 was the original rough, step 2 was enlarging it onto the illo board) and this step 3 is doing all the value shading.

Step 4 is going to be scary... I'll have a photo for it. Damnit why am I doing all my old techniques??? I'm so scared.... D8

More pen and pencil

I'm still really enjoying playing with the look of Nancy Drew covers. They are so bizarre and fun.

Lots of fun with this one. What an improbable place!!

Nancy on every cover looks sort of stunned or determined yet stunned. Nony just looks like someone asked her to lend them money.

Clearly my own invention. Nony's not too scared of snakes but I gave her my arachnophobia. I love the old film noir lighting that goes across the eyes and I wanted to play with light as a shape over the shadow as a shape that was used so well in films like Nosferatu.

I love Nosferatu. That silent movie is creepy as shit.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So I like things

Things like.... Nancy Drew. Ok, I know but I'm a girl and something about those painted covers really jazzed me up. It still jazzes me up. I think back on Nancy Drew mysteries and I still feel kinda thrilled. I know 90% of that is me remembering how I felt then but that's ok. It is good to feel like that. Of course I still love the covers. So much so I have stationary and my address book is Nancy Drew. :| What can I say it was full of the covers!!

Here is Nony in The Secret in the Old Attic. Drawn in ballpoint and then shaded with pencil.

And here is Zick from Monster Allergy. I love him. I love reading it in French even though my French is so laughable now. I still occasionally dream about math too and it is always in French. Isn't that odd?

Also... I love the new blogger upload. Seriously. I love that it doesn't stick everything up at the top of the post. Love.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sketchness Update

I'd honestly forgotten how much I love drawing with ballpoint pen. It is so much better than pencil in so many ways such as, no option for erasing!!! That is also a drawback!



September finished

I used so many different materials on this. It was an endless struggle and a fightful battle without the special move UNDO!

It is an endless Wonderland around here!

Friday, September 25, 2009

If I ever...

Get the money I am owed from my old job I am saving it to buy this. 100% must have it. Forever.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yuki 7 Dream

So way back when Kevin Dart was putting his Yuki 7 stuff up on his site I was really entheusiastic and excited to see what he was doing. I mean the whole thing if you know or don't know is really well planned and cool. But that is just the catalyst. I had this dream about a Yuki 7 movie where she was on this Island of Dr. Moreau sort of thing fighting humanoid animal girls, my favorite was the waterfall cave scene where she is sneaking up on what she thinks is a regular animal girl but omg it was a crocodile animal girl.

It was also in French. Le Horreur!!!

If I didn't suck there would be more to this than this page of sketches I did right when I woke up.

Hahaha... that enormous coat... WTF dream gland?? So crazy.

KOA Wonderland work

Here's some of the Wonderland stuff I have been working on.

The Caterpillar. I am still working out how his clothes will go but I am happy with the look of his head.

Alice. I like her poofy pumpkin dress and ribbons. If I was Alice I would definitely keep the croquet mallet. Crazy people scare me.

Aborted October. I like it but not enough to really finish it. I totally love the idea of using Dormouse as a cushion but those are the two dudes I would least like to run into.

The sketch for the new October - the Hyde-esque personality for the March Hare that only shows up in March. I really love Kristen's March Hare design but I can't capture that soft gorgeousness hers has so this is the compromise while I work on it. The violent and dominant March Hare.

The White Rabbit, aka Ace. He's a bit of a masochist. This is about 75% done. So far I have used ink, spraypaint, acrylics, markers, and colored ink on it. More markering to go.
Man am I glad the person these are for never comes to my blog!


The White Rabbit Mod I sketched him in  whenI was getting tired of the Gothic Wonderland.

Then I turned around and made him a sleek teddy-boy type mod. and a spy.


 A Nony sketch I did during my Flash Class I took. I don't like what I did with her pants...

Mod Dorothy and Toto. I think a Wizard of mOdZ would be extra hotness.

Some Abra Character doodle of a beefy guy. He's beefy and displeased.

Nony and Brandon. Brandon is a were-German Shepard. He's a bit  sad he's not a proper were-wolf. But hey, I say you could have been a much more retarded were-thing

More random Abra doodles. Ted totally looks like a waiter. Jim is a waiter too. Ro is a detective... And an ogress. Don't leave her alone with your babies.

Fred. Fred is a unicorn. Unicorns aren't naturally what they are here, their form is chosen by who summons them. Nony makes Fred unhappy because she makes him look in his opinion - retarded. He's also addicted to coffee thanks to her which is bad for a being of purity. And she makes him do dishes and mop floors.
Poor Fred.

I lost my cat China to cancer in May. It was really rough because I had to have her put to sleep. I'd ok'd the operation and they were hopeful but the cancer had eaten her insides too much and I had to let her go. It was incredibly hard. I hope no one ever has to go through what I did. I miss her so much and it was a lot to deal with having just lost my Dad last October to Cancer. Did I mention my childhood dog Skipper and my Fraternal Grandparents also died from Cancer?
Cancer needs to leave me and my family the hell alone.

Most recent doodles of Nony. Yes I know that totally looks like a small Eye of Sauron she is holding.

Turnaround of Agatha I did for Molly who wanted to model her in 3D.

Tall girl with an awesome nose and shoes. I wish I was tall and skinny and could dress like this.

Trent! He's a Chef and is totally awesome. I will work on my Marauderer comic sometime. I even started designing the site for it!

Trent's sister. Aren't her furs spiffy?

I love Batgirl. I loved her on the old 60's show and I loved her in the ski-show I saw when I was little. She was totally 100% the best ever. ...After WonderWoman. <3

In the original frog prince she refused to kiss him and threw him against a wall, breaking the spell.
I totally approve of that.

Original concept for Goldilocks. Not impressive enough just my joy of drawing bears like that.

The Goldilocks I like best. The bears huddling because they've had their home and security violated. Goldilocks looming large behind them happy and uncaring.
They should totally eat her.

The Princess and the Pea is a totally messed up story. The queen puts a pea under all those mattresses and keeps the girl up all night. I think the girl being so accepting of it is BS. I would have been pretty pissed if I was out in the storms like that and tired and went to rest and was kept up all night. And when it was revealed it was on purpose I would have punched the queen.

Pea drawings part two. Ticked off princess, sassy queen. Prince caught in the middle. They better look out, she's a princess who likes to sleep!

This was my third Puss in Boots drawing. I really like the idea that the miller's son is being led about by this flashy cat. I'd think he'd be worried.

I like the more worried Miller's son.