Monday, January 25, 2010

Finished - January in Wonderland

Aren't they cute?? <3

The last was the obligatory set piece.

Thank god a certain person doesn't look at my Blog.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stuff and Junk

Yeah..... I have been productive but not how I want to be! I will have to get moving on it since I will be making something to enter the Enchanted Doll contest! I SO WILL!!! Or die. Well it may be death. Rats!

Mostly I have been doing class prep and so on and nothing good ever comes out of that for me, I'm not some artistic powerhouse like some of the guys I see - I have to hurry! My class is only 1hr 20min long!!! And people trickle in so slowly!! :( Show up on time, or die.

Anyway what I have been managing to accomplish are the Wonderland Arts Project I gave Kristen for her last birthday. I may become ridiculously happy to be done with them in July. :( But!!!! Determination is the name of the game! I didn't take a picture of December so....

Here is November.

And these are January, February, and March all in progress.

Tiny dolls! Kristen liked the one japaneseish doll I sent her for christmas so I thought why not make one like that but wonderlandian! January will be Alice and Ace the white rabbit. (Alice has the penny in front of her and Ace is directly to the right.) February is the Queen of Hearts (farthest left) and she will have several standee Cards with her. And March will be this Trio:

March Hare, Mad Hatter, and Mad March Hare.
So far only Ace, Alice, and Hatter have their wretched sculpt of airdry paperclay hair, ears, and hat. I have to get Ace and Alice painted and sent off this weekend! (I hope) And I need to get the Queen done just so I can have the space of February to crank out that Enchanted Doll entry.

I doubt I will win but I hope I'll get to win a doll! How rad would that be??? Super rad Trish - super rad with a side of you will love making clothes for her! ( have this dream I will get the short haired freckled one I like with the tragic expression! ;) )

Dream on dreamer!

BTW - still super glad no one reads my blog. Thanks internets!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Paper is AMAZING

Of course we all know that so why don't I just show you why I'm reminding you?