Friday, April 25, 2008

Sketchbook *8

Hey kids! A-Kon is just around the corner! And that means SKETCHBOOOOOKS!


That is the cover and on the inside of it I have left a special little spot where for extra I can do a con sketch for you! Black and white only and for just $3-$5 more! Yay!
I am going to have that and a few other surprises to hock to the rubes. I hope! Yarrr!

The Sketchbook will contain ONLY art you have not seen anywhere else from me. Cuz I mean how pointless is it to buy a book full of stuff you can save off the internets for free. So! The only way you get this stuff is to buy it from me. Har Har!

Now I just hope someone buys one!

A sneak peek to give lie to the "only what you have not seen anywhere else" thing.

More from the Fight Club

What I'm trying to get out of these fight club pieces are different looks and styles and not to mention a whole, complete picture. Not the usual here is portrait of so and so, here is colored picture of character. But a whole complete illustration. I never do that so I wanted to make myself, on these at least, do that.

Snow White
What I wanted to get out of this one was a "retro" feel. I got that but I missed the one I was aiming for entirely. This of course makes me sad but the image itself makes me happy which is why it was allowed to stay the way it is. I am really into simplification and shapes lately. And yeah, she totally looks Jetsons!

What I wanted to get out of this one was an ink painting sort of feel which rapidly disappeared once I started seriously working on it. I think the only way I will ever get a sumi-e feel is to actually sit down and use my sumi ink and get over mr. computer's omnipresence in my life. The background is a heavilly altered and filtered photo, the stars are a brush I made with blur! And he himself looks like an ultra-gloss toki-doki reject. But... I like my composition and I like his shiny head. I also really like how I did the glints on the swords. Gotta keep that in my mental know-how book!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Vomiting Color

You may notice my blog now vomits colors.

It vomits them all over the place.

I am so happy. <3

Bits and Pieces

My Lizard Fight pieces.


Team Fortress 2 - Soldier mostly <3>

Indiana Jones - clearly influenced by the almighty Mike Mignola.