Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Random Comics

Nothing seems to go anywhere anymore. I wonder why I try. More random comic pages out of a small sketchbook bought to comick in. *sigh* I wonder if it is possible to have just given up by the time you reach the halfway point of your life. Dangit!!!! All I need is time and drive. Why don't I have either??


Molly said...

I don't understand the bottom comic. I r r-tard.

The Pirate Trish said...

Ahahaha Nony is cheap. Cheap as hell. She begrudges spending money on anything. SHe is always one step awa from bankruptcy - so him going and buyig groceries when there are homeless shelters they can scam for food drives her nuts. And the let sleeping bitches lie is a play off let sleeping dogs lie - aka don't stir up any trouble you don't have to.

Molly said...

bah, I demand to be spoon fed, damnit. I did figure out the sleeping bitches part though. ;P I spose it's just my not knowing these characters at all. I blame joo! (.Y.) and for that, you get boobays.