Thursday, December 27, 2007

Once Upon a Time

Once I was so young, so happy... I had rainbows and unicorns. What the hell happened to make me so evil and bitter? Oh yeah... Life.... And a last name that's a 4-letter word.


Wes said...

I should have destroyed you while you were in this weakenned, pupal state.

A Shady Character said...

ahahahaha i dunno. I beat up kids older than me and... at that time you would have been way yonger than I am. So.... You would have been crushed into your diapers foe.

Nina said...

OMG Do I see a Trisha with rainbows and unicorns (not to mention freckles?). I know you got dressed by that one kid Shannon (Planet of unicorns). LoL I miss ya kid ;)