Friday, April 25, 2008

Sketchbook *8

Hey kids! A-Kon is just around the corner! And that means SKETCHBOOOOOKS!


That is the cover and on the inside of it I have left a special little spot where for extra I can do a con sketch for you! Black and white only and for just $3-$5 more! Yay!
I am going to have that and a few other surprises to hock to the rubes. I hope! Yarrr!

The Sketchbook will contain ONLY art you have not seen anywhere else from me. Cuz I mean how pointless is it to buy a book full of stuff you can save off the internets for free. So! The only way you get this stuff is to buy it from me. Har Har!

Now I just hope someone buys one!

A sneak peek to give lie to the "only what you have not seen anywhere else" thing.