Thursday, December 4, 2008

All my little joys <3

I finally recieved my membership to the LWA (Letter Writers Alliance) and I put my name in for the pen pal swap. I can't wait. I have always wanted a pen pal and no one whenever I moved away has ever kept up a correspondence with me. I am crazy excited.

Got to have dinner with and see a lot of people from work who were let go (cursed economy!) whom I really miss a lot. Thank goodness for little Collin's birthday. <3

I got my Starfighter print finally from DA. Yeah!!!

I got a lot done on my projects today, thank goodness because every day feels more and more like molassas.

I know exactly what I will be making for A-kon. A couple of illustraion books: Fairytales, Movies, and if I can an issue of Security.

My shenanigans table. <3 Oh how I love you my little shenanigans!!!


M Patrick said...

you can beez mah pen pal. :B