Thursday, June 11, 2009

Unearthed from the HD

It's amazing how much stuff ends up on a HD over time before you go, let's clean this crap off and have a lot of empty space. Yes it is totally the equivalent of throwing away three rooms of furniture. <3 Title Screen MockupThis was just me having fun making screen mockups, see I had this idea that a DJ game would be ridiculous fun on the DS, not actually DJing but more like a rhythm game. Yes I TOTALLY ripped Robert Valley but he is almost synonymous with music to my thinking.

Jackson is so cute!A sketchy doodle of Jackson, my one armed tea room owner and waiter. I love him so much. He is way way too sweet. Seriously.

AaliPrince Aali, marvelous he, I like drawing poofy pants.... He's thin and needs to eat. <3