Friday, February 19, 2010

Constables again

Constable Meyerhoff, seated at his desk, should be higher up in the ranks but... He likes his beat. His wife is the daughter of Constable Oberon whom he worked closely with and married her despite Oberon's objections. They have two daughters themselves now, both of marriageable age and since they are as sensible and charming as their mother Meyerhoff is worried the boys at work might try and woo them. He's made it known there will be none of that.
His daughters have other ideas though. So much like their mom! His deskmate is Constable Gallo who is currently dating the eldest daughter in secret and lives in fear of his life if Meyerhoff finds out.

The confused looking mustachio on the corner is Sargent Murdock.

**Drawn freehand with a 005 micron