Friday, October 28, 2011

Emily Carroll comics

Have you been reading Margot's Room all month by Emily Carroll? If not you should have. In fact it's never to late, go now. I can wait. Wasn;t that fantastically good? You're welcome!

Here's the whole reason for this post - I love Ms. Carroll's comics. Love them. Love her style, love her sense of pacing but most of all I love what she does with comics online. Sure I love her book formats but her stuff really sings online. The ability to not have a page format to adhere to. To link section to section to ensure the pace of the comic (at least a little) No looking ahead! It's fantastic!

If she is ever going to have a pay service (you know to make money doing this!). I think I'd have to find a way to pay to get to see these comics. And it'll be worth every cent! (Or dollar... Whichever. It'll be worth it!)

I'm 100% serious.

Lucky for broke-ass me, they're still free.

Now click the title of this post and go read all her other comics.

And yeah - you're welcome for that too.