Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fisticuff: The Shadow!

The Shadow!! I know he looks way different than his uber cool self this way but I enjoyed making this because my brother Bill is a massive Shadow fanboy. So I pushed extra effort into this because I want to print it up nice for him.
I've gone ultra cartoony at ties thanks to working on the El Tigre DS game. I think that really brought me around to the love of just shapes and an ability to let go of my need for obsessive detal. I feel like an old school vampire and their counting only mine was all about detail. I have to have this pattern and this and the hands would be so and a indent for the knuckles and so on... I am free! I really love it too, it's so much fun.
I retraced and remade the shadow logo from an old pulp novel. I hope my brother likes it!!


Molly said...

I fudgkin love him. Good job! :D:D

Profe Pitufo said...

I was looking in the internet for something about The Shadow, and i did in here. I'm an instructor in Corel Draw design here in Mexico and I was wondering if I could use your design in here for a practice to my students.

The moment I get one good enough to show i will post it for you.

Would it be all right?

Thank you, good job, i like it very much.

Pirate Trish said...

Re: Profe Pitufo!

I have no problem with you using my design as long as my original artwork is credited to me and yes please! I would love to see what they do!