Friday, May 30, 2008

Fisticuff: Duck Tales

What I wanted to do with this is... I dunno. I got more of the old time-y illustration look I wanted thanks to the brush I made back working on El Tigre DS. The BG is from the show filtered all to hell and worked over. Launchpad looks weird. I wish this was Darkwing. He was so much awesomer. I dunno why I went with these weird egg shapes. This whole thing seems so un-me but me. I dunno. I like their skinny legs. Me and the pen tool in photoshop are enjoying dating each other and making out constantly. Loads of fun to make something cleaner than I could by hand. Damn twitchy nerves. :| Damn John Lowe pointing it out. *Sigh* Not excited at all about A-kon anymore. Most retarded bullshit ever.