Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh what the hell ever

Algernon's new look. Not that his outfit changed at all or anything or his hair really or his general expression of bored superiority but... The way I draw him has changed. I will do some expressions next. Pencil in sketchbook, inked with the sassy and delicious Pilot 2-way that Kristen sent me and then some mauve shadow added to taste. The cat is a transformed princess. Lori said she'd model him if she coudl use him for animation class. 8D I am very excited!!!

Tonight I also framed my absolutely beautiful Rock God Opera postcard set. To keep it an even 8 I even framed the info card that came with them. I think they turned out rather nice and now I don't know if I will haul them in to work to keep up with my beautifying or if I will hang them here. <3 Either way it has to wait till I get some hanging wire for the back!