Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sketches and an EXPERIMENT

My Security characters. Well the main trio anyways. Agatha, Lan, and Mu. Mu looks cranky as usual and that always makes me happy. Lan I am still striving for consistency with. For some reason he is really hard for me to capture every time. His sort of shell-shocked look.
Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. How I drew them here I keep thinking... They could date... They could so totally date... Maybe I will do a storybook about it.
Oh Algernon. I so totally experimented on your gangly ass. What I tried was I markered him up in grey tones and then went back over him with my colored markers (which I have very few of). It was not a total disaster! But it also was not the look I wanted necessarilly. So.. SIGH... I'll try again but at least this didn't turn out bad. I will say tho that that Deco Peach is like way more intense than it was when I bought it. And... I hate markering on Bristol Board. It is god awful. GOD AWFUL!


Eve Archambault said...

Bristol really soaks up all the ink... then bleeds. XP Then again it's also very smooth. Anyway, I think the result is very neat. :D

(oh this is phoq btw :D )