Friday, May 8, 2009

Not a lot Here

But work proceeds on the comic. Well at times. I am also trying to expand the old GD portfolio. One of which was making in 20 min an official looking form for my brother to hand out to his students. I had to make a logo and a form based on a government agency in a book I never had to read.

Life's funny.

I still hate drawing backgrounds. But I'm always pushing myself with them. It's nice to draw and be bookended by my cats. Especially so I can keep an eye on China who is doing better. Not awesome because - well hard to be awesome with cancer. But she is doing really good all things considered. I am thinking cancer needs to piss off and leave what I have left alone.

I'm pleased with the comic though. I think if I can color it like how I hope to it will look sharp! Stupid me always wanting things to look a certain way and not the same way all the time. Then I would have it so much better just working all the time to perfect one way of doing things.