Monday, May 3, 2010

Oil on the Horizon

For those who may not know/care the whole if the Gulf of Mexico may soon become an ever spreading global nightmare fir everyone. The oil rig that blew up and sank had been gushing out enough oil to turn already struggling economies into dead ones.

The paper here at home today outlined a plan that doesn't live up to the headline - "New plan to staunch geyser has never been tried at 5,000 feet." Doesn't It sound like Bob Ballard and his army of undersea robots will show up and like weld stuff? Instead they're going to lower down cement and metal boxes to try and capture and siphon up the oil.

I'd rather use the robots.


burningpenguin said...

I'm pretty sure this is how the world is going to end.

I was talking to somebody at work about this, and they mentioned that the media was reporting (I think) Obama as saying that 'lessons had been learned' from this (correct me if I'm wrong about that).

I just wonder what the lessons were, exactly? Don't crash oil tankers? I could have saved them the lead-time on that one...

Pirate Trish said...

BP: you're not wrong. I think the biggest lesson to learn is that when it sinks all kinds if shit is gonna how down. We can land on the moon but the ocean floor is further out of reach. In fact - oceanic exploration is way deadlier than outer space, it's just less sexy I guess. No one has the first clue of how damaging this will be but I feel like as much as I've said 2012 is a bunch of BS maybe it is gearing up for the end of humanity. The planet could give a shit less.

I'm gonna keep hoping for them to send robots, Gene Hackman, Steven Segal, and the entire cast of The Abyss to deal with it under the direction of MacGuyver. Maybe then we could all be saved.

Also today in the paper my givenor (Florida) had to cone out and say he was sending people to where "the decisions on the oil slick are being made" to be sure Florida is as taken care of as Lousiana and Alabama. Not that I think everyone doesn't need help but thank goodness someone is finally standing up for my state. I won't get into my rant on that though at this time. (maybe later)

btw - I'm totally pro Coast Guard, my dad was CG and he helped clean up on the Excon-Valdez spill but the idea of setting it on fire... Does anyone else think turning the Zgulf into a global cherries jubilee is a bad idea?

burningpenguin said...

Yeah, burning oil on the ocean is... Anyway, the whole thing really is an ecological disaster... Of course, we're used to that sort of ecological disaster down here - seems as though every other week somebody drops something into the great barrier reef.

Diving is a pretty scary thing to do (not that I've done it), but yeah, in many ways the steadily increasing pressure and conditions makes it harder than getting into space...

People should focus their attention on developing singularity drives for oil tankers, that can zip the whole ship back in time by a few hours after disasters, and avert them altogether...