Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Awesome

I don't often pimp out things but Nico Marlet is one of my most favorite artists who is still among the living. I love him as much as I hate Zawi Hawass. That being said I collect any and all "Art of..." books with his concept work in it. Most notably being the How to Train Your Dragon Artbook! But there is also this book.

 I have a copy of it myself and admittedly I do own many many artist sketchbooks but this one is incredibly nicely printed. I was completely impressed when it arrived. It's small in size but just crammed full of artwork like this. Amazing!

You can get it here through Gallery Nucleus. $24.95 for the book which is totally worth it I think but the shipping is a whore. :T Another thing to note is you can't go wrong with The Art of How to Train Your Dragon or The Art of Kung-Fu Panda. Seriously. Love them all.

Yes this post was entirely to gloat. :| Sorry....


burningpenguin said...

When I grow up, I want to buy an artbook, and call shipping a whore, too!

Pirate Trish said...

BP: Shipping is a whore on everything... Unless you have Amazon Prime.

burningpenguin said...

I use for all my book purchases. They have free shipping and the prices are great, especially compared to what you find in Australian book stores.

Amazon just doesn't work for shipping at all outside of the US. I mean, it works, but it's just insane.

Pirate Trish said...

BP: You have shown me a wonderful and glorious site where I can get my hands on foreign books <3

This of course makes you a superhero.

burningpenguin said...

I do my best, of course. You're welcome.