Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Already??

I got tired of struggling with the top panel so I just had fun and finished it. SO there.

Ever get an image stuck in your head? That was the tied up one. The bird-headed women came from some descriptions of Sirens but that is totally not the siren I am using.
This is.
Not this.

Be Seeing You.


burningpenguin said...

cool sketch collection! I do like the bird headed ladies. I am afraid they'd peck my face out, though.

Amy said...

Gah! so much output!! I should really start doing something- anything!- with my life.

potato farm girl said...

I googled you! The sirens are awesome, I like the censored one.
(Oh and you guessed right by the way, email me at brianne @briannedrouhard. com and I'll send you a code! ;D )