Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June is Already Over

Blah blah blah. I am so lazy in summer I am lucky to breathe with any regularity. Here's the tiny bit I've done. Mostly I have been reading the Mistborn Trilogy. It's really good and in 30 pages I'll be done.

I don't understand her pose. It just happened that way. I think she might be about to hit something.

Trent bits... I have two guys named Trent... Well.... It's the same guy but in two different storylines... If that makes sense? He's a chef in both but in one he has a more mystical important role. A rework of Agatha I hated, and some Algernons.

Rough thumbnails for Midnight. I had a short burst of inspiration but... Yeah he's so puking a lot.

Artie from Warehouse 13. I LOVE that show. It's hard to find a scifi fantasy show I don't love (ok I loathe Stargate Universe, and the new Battlestar Galactica was not wonderful to me at all... Sorry if you're a fan!) The other is Perfect Tommy. Do you know Perfect Tommy? He and Rawhide were my total favorites... I almost want to do a fancomic...

Lastly, Sheldon. I still can't draw him as well as I did Horowitz but... I love Sheldon. I love Big Bang Theory. But I especially love Sheldon. Awwww Moonpie... <3

Happy end of June! I'm seriously trying to be more productive...

No. Seriously.


Amy said...

Those are FAB Sheldons!!!