Thursday, July 8, 2010


OS4 for my ipod destroyed all my notes and research and carefully kept scenes for my comics.... They're gone and I'm regathering the various scraps of paper things were jotted on before I got the ipod and what little I can remember.

I mean come on I write stuff down because I can't remember everything as fresh as two seconds ago. :(

Cursed technology... Don't be so useful if you plan to crap out on me!


verna said...

That's terrible. D:
I don't remember shit either, and I don't even write it down. I have nothing!

(P.S. Thanks for the comments, especially on my Little Prince comic)

Pirate Trish said...

Verna: I love your Little Prince comic. I meant everything I said! :D

burningpenguin said...

I feel a clenched chest for you.

Have you heard of Dropbox?

I don't use an iPhone, so I'm not hip with the kids, but I think it lets you keep your files safer and backed up in a few places... I think it won awards or something.

M Patrick said...

at least you have technology. be greatful >X< I guess. hi