Tuesday, July 27, 2010

King Me! Errr... Queen.... Something...

I finally finished my epic Wonderland Project for Kristen. I'm never giving a monthly present thing again. Never! It sort of just... Anyway. This is the very first tiny crown I have ever made. I know the tiny tophats are all in fashion but.... Crowns are cool. Next I will try and make a tiny head-present like in Tinier Me and a tiny birdcage if... I can get over my fear of my sodering iron. IT BURNS!!!!

So... This crown is not made of metal (terror) but paper. I have secret ways of shaping cardboard and next time I will use those skills on the bent arms BEFORE I spraypaint it.... Isn't the silver nice? It's not that glaring I'M EFFING SILVER silver but brushed nickel... I dunno I like it. I was also really attracted to the graphite metallic and some really bizarre color that.... wouldn't've worked at all but I still wanted it!!! I was lucky that Kristen likes color ranges like I do - blues and dark colors. Lucky! typing decorative boys is bs hard. I feel horrible for florists who have to do it all the time. The gems are those handy swavorski crystals. Thank god for coupons but even then this was a costly enterprise!! :T Not to mention how many times I burnt the living shit out of myself on the hot glue.

My fingers still hurt. :(

I also sent her a nice stamp carved on some of the precious precious Hankeshikun which is indeed as marvelous as everyone says. Sure held up to the tiny kanji unlike the blasted SpeedyCarve!