Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yarrr Stamps!

So... Apologies are in order. The only stamp designed by me is of course the constable. Totoros all come from some Totoro stamp set I can't afford so I pirated it. The bug, flower and button come from various stamp selling sites who never mention who made them anyway but I can't afford a $10 stamp man. I can't. The shark is courtesy of Lexuswolf. Now... Courtesy of don't mean I asked... I just took. I stole. I pirated. But these aren't for sale, I just liked the shark man! Shark Week!!! :( Ditto for Workparty's Toothless. But... What can I say? I wasn't at AX, if I had been I would have straight up bought it. I'm not though so I just pirated my own.

As an aside, the Japanese stamp carving material is so much better than my Speedball SpeedyCarve. I can't even tell you! Also, The more I carved Totoro the more creepy he started becoming to me. His smile started becoming more and more psycho as I went.... It's because he's all 8D !! D:

Mea Culpa. <-probably spelled wrong.


verna said...

They don't call you Pirate Trish for nothing. Ha ha ha, aren't I clever!
Seriously, not many can afford $10 a stamp. Well done pirating those anyway, they are some cool stamps (constable is also lovely ofcourse!).