Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Such is Life

A new stamp! Made with the DEEEEELICIOUS Hankeshikun that Kristen had sent to me. <3 Love it!! <3


verna said...

This will be the most pointless comment in the history of comment-making, BUT! I just woke up and read the title "SUCK is Life" and almost spit my coffee out.

And the stamp is very nice.

burningpenguin said...

Life is SUCK! SUCK is Life!

Embrace it! Am I wrong for finding that kind of comforting and cool????

Also, that's a bitchin' stamp, Trish!

Pirate Trish said...

Y'all both kill me. And being a card carrying realist (althoughmost say pessimist), I have to tell you, suck is indeed life... But then again my last name is a 4-letter word.

Thanks for the kudos! I'm happily pirating totoro stamps I covet now! ;)