Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thoughts on the Real Zombie Holocaust

I know, if the title of this lured you on thinking I was going to wax emotional on all the tech zombies and drug zombies currently wandering the earth, I'm sorry, this isn't about them at all. Instead I'm going to post my thoughts on a few disturbing articles I have read about the state of the world's oceans. It's pretty bleak.

June 19, 2011; the Tampa Tribune printed an article titled "Underwater Noise Effects Examined." In it, they described the findings of research done about how all that extra noise we put in the oceans is affecting the life there. It's not just the sonar either. Loud engines, underwater industrial tools, etc. Remember how bad it is to tap on the glass of an aquarium? Imagine playing drums on one then adding a blender and some deathmetal. Welcome to the tranquil undersea world? Hardly.
The article states: "In the past decade, beaked whales washed ashore with bleeding around the brain shortly after exposure to midfrequency sonar. Researchers figured out that stranded bottlenose dolphins often were nearly deaf."
Horrifying, isn't it? It's as I'd someone has cone into your home and is randomly using an airhorn against your head - over and over and you can't make them stop. You just have to take it and do your best. Since we're just now starting to think it should be researched no one takes it seriously - and no one does until the situation is so bad they don't need all the proof anymore.

Today, June 21, 2011; there was an article titled "Health of oceans 'bleak,' scientists say." This article discussed that the current die off of oceanic species would rival past mass extinctions. I don't know about the rest of you out there but extinction is a terrifying word to me. In a report being presented to the United Nations, scientists have pooled together all their small tragedies they have been watching all over the globe separately and in doing so they've found out we're all pretty screwed. "The report says the troubles from global warming and other factors are worse in combination. Factors include dead zones from farm run-off, an increase in acidity from too much carbon dioxide and melting sea ice, along with overfishing." The report goes on to state that we are facing losing entire ocean ecosystems, like a coral reef, within a generation.

Imagine a dead ocean. Devoid of life it would be empty and barren and with the current direction of things - rising. That is where the zombie comes in. It's a dead entity rising and laying waste to the still living. Like all horrors we are making it and unlike the shambling reanimated corpses the dead ocean is unstoppable.

I don't know, I just thought it was something to think about.