Tuesday, June 7, 2011

World Oceans Day

Oh World Oceans Day. How you catch me so unaware I learn of you only by Owney's twitter... And Owney has been dead forever but he is more up to date than me. :(

Sorry this is crapilly done - It was done while working on the probably destined to be late page 9 of DokiDoki. I love sharks and whales. What do people kill? Sharks and Whales! Knock it off! Finning is way worse than... Well anything plus THE FINS HAVE NO TASTE! WTF. Put tofu in! Same thing but less crazy craziness and ocean destruction.

Killing whales - also a tragically bad idea. But we all know that.

Speaking of - it really says something of us as a species when we look for the loopholes to be crazy/creepy/violent to ourselves and others. I mean heck - people whose religion forbade the spilling of blood came up with more horrible crazy ways to torture people - just no mess of blood. What the heck? Nutty.

What does this post have to say about anything? NOTHING. It has NOTHING coherent because the whole time I am typing it my brain is running in tight circles going OMG THE COMIC OMG THE COMIC. So...