Sunday, September 20, 2009


The White Rabbit Mod I sketched him in  whenI was getting tired of the Gothic Wonderland.

Then I turned around and made him a sleek teddy-boy type mod. and a spy.


 A Nony sketch I did during my Flash Class I took. I don't like what I did with her pants...

Mod Dorothy and Toto. I think a Wizard of mOdZ would be extra hotness.

Some Abra Character doodle of a beefy guy. He's beefy and displeased.

Nony and Brandon. Brandon is a were-German Shepard. He's a bit  sad he's not a proper were-wolf. But hey, I say you could have been a much more retarded were-thing

More random Abra doodles. Ted totally looks like a waiter. Jim is a waiter too. Ro is a detective... And an ogress. Don't leave her alone with your babies.

Fred. Fred is a unicorn. Unicorns aren't naturally what they are here, their form is chosen by who summons them. Nony makes Fred unhappy because she makes him look in his opinion - retarded. He's also addicted to coffee thanks to her which is bad for a being of purity. And she makes him do dishes and mop floors.
Poor Fred.

I lost my cat China to cancer in May. It was really rough because I had to have her put to sleep. I'd ok'd the operation and they were hopeful but the cancer had eaten her insides too much and I had to let her go. It was incredibly hard. I hope no one ever has to go through what I did. I miss her so much and it was a lot to deal with having just lost my Dad last October to Cancer. Did I mention my childhood dog Skipper and my Fraternal Grandparents also died from Cancer?
Cancer needs to leave me and my family the hell alone.

Most recent doodles of Nony. Yes I know that totally looks like a small Eye of Sauron she is holding.

Turnaround of Agatha I did for Molly who wanted to model her in 3D.

Tall girl with an awesome nose and shoes. I wish I was tall and skinny and could dress like this.

Trent! He's a Chef and is totally awesome. I will work on my Marauderer comic sometime. I even started designing the site for it!

Trent's sister. Aren't her furs spiffy?

I love Batgirl. I loved her on the old 60's show and I loved her in the ski-show I saw when I was little. She was totally 100% the best ever. ...After WonderWoman. <3

In the original frog prince she refused to kiss him and threw him against a wall, breaking the spell.
I totally approve of that.

Original concept for Goldilocks. Not impressive enough just my joy of drawing bears like that.

The Goldilocks I like best. The bears huddling because they've had their home and security violated. Goldilocks looming large behind them happy and uncaring.
They should totally eat her.

The Princess and the Pea is a totally messed up story. The queen puts a pea under all those mattresses and keeps the girl up all night. I think the girl being so accepting of it is BS. I would have been pretty pissed if I was out in the storms like that and tired and went to rest and was kept up all night. And when it was revealed it was on purpose I would have punched the queen.

Pea drawings part two. Ticked off princess, sassy queen. Prince caught in the middle. They better look out, she's a princess who likes to sleep!

This was my third Puss in Boots drawing. I really like the idea that the miller's son is being led about by this flashy cat. I'd think he'd be worried.

I like the more worried Miller's son.