Sunday, September 20, 2009

KOA Wonderland work

Here's some of the Wonderland stuff I have been working on.

The Caterpillar. I am still working out how his clothes will go but I am happy with the look of his head.

Alice. I like her poofy pumpkin dress and ribbons. If I was Alice I would definitely keep the croquet mallet. Crazy people scare me.

Aborted October. I like it but not enough to really finish it. I totally love the idea of using Dormouse as a cushion but those are the two dudes I would least like to run into.

The sketch for the new October - the Hyde-esque personality for the March Hare that only shows up in March. I really love Kristen's March Hare design but I can't capture that soft gorgeousness hers has so this is the compromise while I work on it. The violent and dominant March Hare.

The White Rabbit, aka Ace. He's a bit of a masochist. This is about 75% done. So far I have used ink, spraypaint, acrylics, markers, and colored ink on it. More markering to go.
Man am I glad the person these are for never comes to my blog!