Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So I like things

Things like.... Nancy Drew. Ok, I know but I'm a girl and something about those painted covers really jazzed me up. It still jazzes me up. I think back on Nancy Drew mysteries and I still feel kinda thrilled. I know 90% of that is me remembering how I felt then but that's ok. It is good to feel like that. Of course I still love the covers. So much so I have stationary and my address book is Nancy Drew. :| What can I say it was full of the covers!!

Here is Nony in The Secret in the Old Attic. Drawn in ballpoint and then shaded with pencil.

And here is Zick from Monster Allergy. I love him. I love reading it in French even though my French is so laughable now. I still occasionally dream about math too and it is always in French. Isn't that odd?

Also... I love the new blogger upload. Seriously. I love that it doesn't stick everything up at the top of the post. Love.