Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I hope these Cookies Tide you Over

Art will be uploaded as soon as I have time to finish some!! D: Who knew being an art professor was so time consuming? Plus I have payback to deliver - OLYMPIC PAYBACK. Cuz see on DA I put up a random journal to trade art for Olympic swag. WOW - the swag I got from the effervescent Zoe! I got a coke that lights up like .... well like the Olympics! And loads of other stuff too. So I'm doing her 3 arts:
And of course something cool as well... To be shown when done. The epic wonderland undertaking of Unbirthday gifts for my friend Kristen continues!

...I'm also working on some tiny tiny wood dolls of constables. Oh come on... You know I can't go long without them!!! <3