Monday, April 19, 2010

Olympic Follow Up

So here's the finished artworks that will be winging their way to Miss Zoe Sorenson who sent me a ton of awesome Olympic swag. I put in a view of the one of a kind stamp (that's what the 1 means) that is on the back. The Lion is 6" square and the other 2 are artist trading card sized.

Octopus, peacocks, and lions oh my! As always, the scanning ruins the look of all my glitz and glitter... :( God how I love glitter..... I used Marker, colored pencil, and GLITTER!! The white pen I use... Jeeze I love it so much!!! It's an Inkssentials white pen found in all Michael's stamp areas.


burningpenguin said...

scanners hate anything shiny. But shiny things hate scanners too, so I guess it kind of works out?

Also, haha! I got blogger to acknowledge who I am, finally.

Pirate Trish said...

BP: yeah scanners can be total jerks actually!! But thank goodness for them because I'm so lazy about getting photos off sim cards it's not even funny!

I'm also glad blogger acknowledged you! Hi again!

burningpenguin said...

Yes, in the end, all I really need is acknowledgment from Blogger. Isn't that all any of us really needs?

Pirate Trish said...

BP: That and a couple million dollars... And a private island. <3