Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yuki 7 Dream

So way back when Kevin Dart was putting his Yuki 7 stuff up on his site I was really entheusiastic and excited to see what he was doing. I mean the whole thing if you know or don't know is really well planned and cool. But that is just the catalyst. I had this dream about a Yuki 7 movie where she was on this Island of Dr. Moreau sort of thing fighting humanoid animal girls, my favorite was the waterfall cave scene where she is sneaking up on what she thinks is a regular animal girl but omg it was a crocodile animal girl.

It was also in French. Le Horreur!!!

If I didn't suck there would be more to this than this page of sketches I did right when I woke up.

Hahaha... that enormous coat... WTF dream gland?? So crazy.